First Five Months.

Five Trials.

Five Fantastic Results.

Members of the Archer Norris On Call Trial Counsel hit the ground running in 2018, securing five trial victories for their clients within the first five months of the year. Read on to learn more about these success stories, and to see what Archer Norris trial lawyers can do for you and your business.

Sharon Collier and KC Ward Take on Arizona

  • Sharon Collier and Kenneth "KC" Ward took on a foodborne illness case involving a very sympathetic toddler tried in an Arizona courtroom. The jury awarded a fraction of what was requested. Plaintiffs sought $17.5 million and the ultimate award was $1.95 million, which equates to about 11% of the amount the plaintiff requested the jury award, by placing the majority of the blame on the family. 

Nandor Krause and KC Ward Turn a Case Around

  • A San Diego County jury delivered a plaintiff’s verdict that may as well have been a defense verdict in a case being tried by Walnut Creek partners KC Ward and Nandor Krause. Plaintiff is a severely disabled young child whose family accused Archer Norris’s client of negligence in performing genetic testing. Plaintiff claimed lifetime medical costs and other damages would equal $29 million. Other defendants had already settled for more than $5 million. KC and Nandor parachuted into this case on the eve of trial with no opportunity to influence discovery or even expert selections. The client, the insurer and the defense team were all thrilled when the jury returned a plaintiff’s verdict for $1.25 million—effectively a defense verdict when one takes into account the credits from the earlier settlements. 

Sharon Collier Scores Wrongful Termination Victory

  • In mid-April, an Orange County jury delivered a defense verdict in a wrongful termination case tried by Walnut Creek partner Sharon Collier. Plaintiff had been fired with very little warning shortly after she returned from maternity leave.  Sharon inherited the case from prior counsel on the eve of trial.  Although the jury believed plaintiff was treated unfairly, Sharon successfully persuaded the jury to set aside their sympathies for her and conclude that she was not the victim of discrimination. 

Michael Osborne Triumphs for Client in Personal Injury Case

  • In March, a Sacramento County jury returned a negligible plaintiff’s verdict in a personal injury case being tried by San Francisco partner Michael Osborne. Plaintiff, a mentally and emotionally troubled individual, suffered a severe foot fracture which required numerous surgical procedures while participating in a voluntary wrestling match with one of his fraternity brothers at a prominent California university. Plaintiff subsequently filed suit against the local Chapter, the National Fraternity and the individual with whom he was wrestling. Several years after the litigation began, plaintiff also began alleging that he suddenly recalled being sexually assaulted and discriminated against for being non-Jewish while a member of the fraternity.  All told, by the time of trial plaintiff was claiming up to $4.9 million in damages.  Nevertheless, Michael was able to successfully argue a finding of no liability on behalf of the National Fraternity, as well as significant comparative fault against plaintiff with respect to his claims regarding his foot fracture, resulting in a total judgment of $5,476.92; a tremendous victory considering the significant medical costs at issue.

Michael Nebenzahl Wins in Van Nuys

  • Los Angeles partner Michael Nebenzahl and his team were in jury trial in Van Nuys in a case where Plaintiff was seeking more than a half million dollars from the City of Beverly Hills as a result of an alleged trip-and-fall. After six days of trial but before the case went to the jury, Michael persuaded the trial judge to grant the City a directed verdict—essentially ruling that no reasonable jury could find for the Plaintiff. This is an extremely rare and favorable outcome.

About Archer Norris On Call Trial Counsel

Archer Norris On Call Trial Counsel has the resources and wherewithal to take on a case anytime, anywhere. Experienced in literally hundreds of jury trials with an impressive record of success in California and Nevada, the talented trial lawyers who comprise our On Call Trial Counsel have been hired at all stages of a case, including weeks or days before trial and even after jury selection.

True trial lawyers, our team knows it is never too late for clients to take charge of the outcome of their case. To learn more about the Archer Norris On Call Trial Counsel, click here.

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