W. Eric Blumhardt


“By cutting straight to the heart of each matter strategically, efficiently and economically I add value to clients’ most challenging cases.”

Brett T. Carmody


“No matter how big or small the case, I’m committed to maintaining my client’s reputation and professional integrity while delivering results.”

Noël M. Caughman


“In every deal or workplace matter, it’s essential to account for ‘the human factor’ and the personalities involved in order to obtain practical results for clients.”

Colin Coffey


“By understanding the pressures of the healthcare and government environments, I try to minimize the risks my clients face and enhance their business opportunities.”

William L. Coggshall, III


“Oftentimes being prepared is a way to posture a case for early resolution by way of mediation or other alternative dispute resolution methods - other times, it is absolutely necessary to take the case to trial.”

Sharon Collier


“I maintain a steady focus on emerging, game-changing events to infuse a practical context to complex litigation, whether at trial or in settlement negotiations.”

Charles R. Diaz


"Understanding how litigation is not always the best solution, I combine my knowledge of the law with a commitment to defending my clients’ interests."

Keith R. Gillette


“Successful advocacy combines persuasive communication with an understanding of client objectives.”

Robert F. Hinton


“Litigation is a collaboration of client and attorney, each working with an appreciation and understanding of the other’s role. Together, we minimize risk, pursue the most effective solution and, hopefully, achieve or exceed the client’s goals”

Jason M. Howell

Senior Associate

“As a lawyer, I am passionate about using my knowledge of the law to solve my clients’ problems and protect their interests.”

Nandor B. Krause


"The key to successful representation is to listen carefully to the client's needs and desires, and to draw on my experience as a litigator and trial attorney to help clients meet their specific goals."

Julia Levitskaia


“Helping my client attain his or her needs and goals is the number one priority in every case I am involved in.”

Dianna Manukyan


“Every client is different. It is imperative to know each client’s unique objectives so that we resolve issues in the most efficient and effective way possible.”

David M. Marchiano

Senior Associate

“I have seen the power and influence of law my entire life; this provides a constant source of inspiration for me as I strive to meet the goals of my client."

Michael R. Nebenzahl


“The key to defending public entities is understanding the current and future risks stemming from any litigation while always being mindful of the client’s responsibilities to its community.”

Jacqueline K. Oh


“Whether it’s pursuing early resolution or going to trial, I do everything I can to stay two steps ahead and help my clients achieve their goals.”

Anthony D. Phillips

Senior Associate

“When a client faces a threat to their hard-earned success, I take an aggressive approach to protect their bottom line.”

Sean D. Senn


“I’m passionate about getting promising technologies off of the lab bench and onto the store shelf where they can help people.”

Douglas C. Straus

Managing Partner

"We understand business disputes are problems clients want solved quickly and fairly. We deliver favorable resolutions skillfully and efficiently. When trials occur because the alternatives have failed, we produce victories."

Eric R. Tuy

Senior Associate

“I work hard to identify opportunities and risks for my clients, and protect their interests in order to reach a favorable outcome.”

Kenneth C. Ward


“I can learn a client’s business for the purpose of a trial - it’s tougher for a business attorney to learn the art of conducting a winning trial.”

Stephen B. Welch


“Our approach includes the client in every step of the litigation process. In most cases, client participation is critical to the successful and cost- effective resolution of the case.”

Lawrence E. Winegrad

Senior Associate

“My highest priority is helping clients protect their interests and achieve their goals, whether it’s resolving a complex business dispute or identifying the best route to achieve successful results.”

  • W. Eric Blumhardt
  • Brett T. Carmody
  • Noël M. Caughman
  • Colin  Coffey
  • William  L. Coggshall, III
  • Sharon  Collier
  • Charles R. Diaz
  • Keith  R. Gillette
  • Robert F. Hinton
  • Jason M. Howell
  • Nandor  B. Krause
  • Julia Levitskaia
  • Dianna Manukyan
  • David M. Marchiano
  • Michael R.  Nebenzahl
  • Jacqueline K. Oh
  • Anthony D. Phillips
  • Sean D. Senn
  • Douglas C. Straus
  • Eric R. Tuy
  • Kenneth C. Ward
  • Stephen B. Welch
  • Lawrence E. Winegrad

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