Corporate Work Study Program

Impact Today, Transform Tomorrow

Our corporate partnership with Verbum Dei High School in the Watts section of Los Angeles and Immaculate Conception Academy (ICA) in San Francisco’s Mission District is creating a modern legacy of hope for economically and educationally underserved young men and women.  

Archer Norris has been a long-time participant in the Corporate Work Study Programs of these two institutions, both members of the Cristo Rey network. At the all-boys Verbum Dei, the Corporate Work Student Program is a paid, work-study, four-year commitment undertaken by a team of student interns.  Similarly, students from the all-girls ICA share a full-time job, working five full days every four weeks. Archer Norris teaches the students basic clerical and office skills, demonstrates the discipline required to hold down a job, and watches their senses of pride grow as they contribute to their own educations.

Making the Most of a Chance

One college-bound Verbum Dei graduate described his Archer Norris training, completed concurrently with his high school studies, this way:

“I never worked before starting at Verbum Dei and I now have a better understanding and appreciation of what my mother and father do every day when they get up early and go to work. Working at your company has allowed me to look forward to college. Thank you for giving me a chance.”        
Archer Norris aims to set our interns on the professional path and help them build their own playbooks for the future. 

Several program alumni are college graduates now entering the workforce. Our former interns tell us how much this one program impresses prospective employers and continues to impact their lives. We send our Verbum Dei and ICA students off to college each year with pride, a bittersweet farewell and with excitement for their futures.

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