Jonathan C. Bacon


“Avoiding reactive and formulaic approaches to litigation is key to resolving lawsuits quickly, efficiently and favorably. I believe my clients are best served by an early and proactive focus on creative solutions.”

Patrick R. Ball

Senior Associate

“My experience has taught me valuable lessons about the ins and outs of litigation. Whether pursuing early resolution or going to trial, it is essential to always be two steps ahead to achieve success for my client.”

Eugene C. Blackard Jr.

Managing Partner

“If you want to work with today’s thought-leading companies, you’d better start looking and acting like them. I approach any problem with the strategic mind set to be lean and efficient—like business today.”

W. Eric Blumhardt


“By cutting straight to the heart of each matter strategically, efficiently and economically I add value to clients’ most challenging cases.”

L. Robin Chang

Senior Associate

“Whether in business or succession planning, it’s very satisfying to help clients develop and implement strategies to reach their professional and personal goals – I work hard to earn their trust on every matter.”

William L. Coggshall, III


“Oftentimes being prepared is a way to posture a case for early resolution by way of mediation or other alternative dispute resolution methods - other times, it is absolutely necessary to take the case to trial.”

Charles R. Diaz


"Understanding how litigation is not always the best solution, I combine my knowledge of the law with a commitment to defending my clients’ interests."

Keith R. Gillette


“Successful advocacy combines persuasive communication with an understanding of client objectives.”

Gabriel G. Green


"My practice centers on critical business needs - my primary focus is protecting my clients' interests and providing the necessary legal solutions to ensure their success."

Jeffrey M. Hamerling


“Regardless of the legal issues involved, I always put myself in my clients’ shoes to gain a clear understanding of the challenges they face and the impact a legal decision will have on their company.”

Robert F. Hinton


“Litigation is a collaboration of client and attorney, each working with an appreciation and understanding of the other’s role. Together, we minimize risk, pursue the most effective solution and, hopefully, achieve or exceed the client’s goals”

Todd A. Jones


“My clients have businesses to run and litigation is typically a last resort for them. My job is to minimize the disruptions created by disputes and lawsuits, and to help them get on with running their business.”

Nandor B. Krause


"The key to successful representation is to listen carefully to the client's needs and desires, and to draw on my experience as a litigator and trial attorney to help clients meet their specific goals."

Limor Lehavi


“Whether providing coverage advice, analyzing claims, or litigating coverage issues, I want my clients to feel certain I have left nothing to chance when it comes to protecting their interests.”

Elizabeth V. McNulty


“Clients rely on me to protect their interests and help them meet their goals. If trial is the best way to resolve a case, then I am prepared to go the distance.”

Richard E. Norris


“Some lawyers concentrate on discouraging their clients from doing anything involving risk. My approach is to solve problems. My clients are smart business leaders who know where they want to go – my job is to get them there.”

J. Virginia Peiser

Of Counsel

“I assist business owners and investors in reducing taxes and expenses, so that they can pass more of their wealth on to their beneficiaries.”

Kevin Place


“Knowing we have the strength and skills to prevail at trial, I can approach each case as if it was going to trial – this places clients in the most advantageous position possible.”

Seth J. Schwartz


"My clients inspire me to provide them the best legal services I can, and help them to uphold their personal and professional integrity.”

Sean D. Senn


“I’m passionate about getting promising technologies off of the lab bench and onto the store shelf where they can help people.”

Jocelyn M. Soriano

Special Counsel

“My obligation to clients and their cases is unrelenting and includes assertive protection of their interests and cost-effective measures to reduce the risks threatening their business operations.”

William H. Staples


“Communication is critical - clients appreciate that I keep them in the loop about their case. The feedback they provide allows me to achieve their goals.”

Audrey D. Tearnan


“My clients rely on me to protect their interests, and it is my job to go the distance and make sure they receive the best possible outcome.”

Jonathan W. Thames


“My business model is solving my client’s problem.”

Eric W. Thorson

Special Counsel

“Life lessons learned while growing up in Nebraska helped shape me into the lawyer I am today: honest, hard-working, and continually focused on cost-effective, sensible, and zealous representation of each client.”

Robert D. Tobey, Jr.

Special Counsel

“I use my experience as a former prosecutor to scrutinize claims with refined analysis to minimize threats to my client’s bottom line.”

Richard W. Vanis, Jr.


“Providing quality legal services is my top priority. I strive to find the most effective means to attain my clients’ goals.”

Kenneth C. Ward


“I can learn a client’s business for the purpose of a trial - it’s tougher for a business attorney to learn the art of conducting a winning trial.”

Paul J. Whitfield

Senior Associate

“My main priority is to deliver cost-effective solutions to my clients, while producing the best possible outcome in every case.”

  • Jonathan  C. Bacon
  • Patrick R. Ball
  • Eugene  C. Blackard Jr.
  • W. Eric Blumhardt
  • L. Robin Chang
  • William  L. Coggshall, III
  • Charles R. Diaz
  • Keith  R. Gillette
  • Gabriel G. Green
  • Jeffrey M. Hamerling
  • Robert F. Hinton
  • Todd  A. Jones
  • Nandor  B. Krause
  • Limor Lehavi
  • Elizabeth V. McNulty
  • Richard  E. Norris
  • J. Virginia Peiser
  • Kevin Place
  • Seth J. Schwartz
  • Sean D. Senn
  • Jocelyn M. Soriano
  • William  H. Staples
  • Audrey D. Tearnan
  • Jonathan W. Thames
  • Eric W. Thorson
  • Robert D. Tobey, Jr.
  • Richard W. Vanis, Jr.
  • Kenneth C. Ward
  • Paul J. Whitfield

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