Eugene C. Blackard Jr.

Managing Partner

“If you want to work with today’s thought-leading companies, you’d better start looking and acting like them. I approach any problem with the strategic mind set to be lean and efficient—like business today.”

W. Eric Blumhardt


“By cutting straight to the heart of each matter strategically, efficiently and economically I add value to clients’ most challenging cases.”

Rand Chritton


“I rely upon a strategic framework to inspire fresh perspectives and solutions for the new challenges my clients encounter.”

William L. Coggshall, III


“Oftentimes being prepared is a way to posture a case for early resolution by way of mediation or other alternative dispute resolution methods - other times, it is absolutely necessary to take the case to trial.”

Keith R. Gillette


“Successful advocacy combines persuasive communication with an understanding of client objectives.”

Chad D. Greeson

Senior Associate

“Advances in digital resources open a world of possibilities and new ways we can help our clients achieve their goals.”

Patrice N. Harper

Special Counsel

"Representing a client means more than putting on a suit and appearing in court. It means learning the client’s business like it is your own and making the necessary decisions to advance your client’s interests. That is what I do every day."

Robert F. Hinton


“Litigation is a collaboration of client and attorney, each working with an appreciation and understanding of the other’s role. Together, we minimize risk, pursue the most effective solution and, hopefully, achieve or exceed the client’s goals”

Todd A. Jones


“My clients have businesses to run and litigation is typically a last resort for them. My job is to minimize the disruptions created by disputes and lawsuits, and to help them get on with running their business.”

Steven L. Kester


"My plan incorporates a detailed investigation of the parties, thorough evaluation of the facts, preparation of a comprehensive timeline of relevant events, carefully crafted discovery and early application of dispositive motion practice."

Nandor B. Krause


"The key to successful representation is to listen carefully to the client's needs and desires, and to draw on my experience as a litigator and trial attorney to help clients meet their specific goals."

Limor Lehavi


“Whether providing coverage advice, analyzing claims, or litigating coverage issues, I want my clients to feel certain I have left nothing to chance when it comes to protecting their interests.”

Peter W. McGaw

Of Counsel

“My clients are in the business of doing business. I’m in the business of practicing law. My job is to do what I do best so they can do what they do best.”

Daniel J. McKenzie

Senior Associate

“I attribute my enthusiasm for novel approaches to a healthy respect for case preparation and a deep commitment to my client’s cause.”

Mariyetta Meyers-Lopez

Senior Associate

“I provide clients with strategies to identify coverage opportunities and protect against losses; whether pursuing early resolution or preparing for trial, my aim is to protect my client’s bottom line.”

Namvar A. Mokri


“It’s satisfying to help clients resolve obstacles and business threats and ultimately allow them to return to what they enjoy most, operating their businesses smoothly and profitably.”

Richard E. Norris

Of Counsel

“Some lawyers concentrate on discouraging their clients from doing anything involving risk. My approach is to solve problems. My clients are smart business leaders who know where they want to go – my job is to get them there.”

Kacie Owen

Senior Associate

“A focus on my clients’ feedback and strong attention to detail allow me to deliver outstanding results.”

Priti D. Phukan, Ph.D.

Patent Agent

“My extensive scientific training enables me to develop a quick understanding of the issues and obtain broad protection of intellectual property.”

Summer M. Smith


“Whether it’s an individual or a company, I am committed to providing my clients a full range of counsel to resolve
litigation they may face and to proactively avoid it.”

Jonathan W. Thames


“My business model is solving my client’s problem.”

Jon P. Tonsing

Of Counsel

“The California business climate is dynamic – my mission is to cost-effectively protect my client’s interests, minimize business threats, and maximize opportunities.”

Eric R. Tuy

Senior Associate

“I work hard to identify opportunities and risks for my clients, and protect their interests in order to reach a favorable outcome.”

Richard W. Vanis, Jr.


“Providing quality legal services is my top priority. I strive to find the most effective means to attain my clients’ goals.”

Richard A. Vu

Senior Associate

“Complex litigation continues to be hard fought, and my litigation experience lets me achieve your goals while paying attention to the bottom line.”

Kenneth C. Ward


“I can learn a client’s business for the purpose of a trial - it’s tougher for a business attorney to learn the art of conducting a winning trial.”

Gary A. Watt


“As an appellate lawyer, my practice focuses on the very fabric of the law, determining how to successfully apply the finest legal nuances to protect our clients’ interests.”

Jihee Yoo


“I tailor my legal services to achieve outcomes on par with each client’s distinct and individual goals.”

  • Eugene  C. Blackard Jr.
  • W. Eric Blumhardt
  • Rand Chritton
  • William  L. Coggshall, III
  • Keith  R. Gillette
  • Chad D. Greeson
  • Patrice N. Harper
  • Robert F. Hinton
  • Todd  A. Jones
  • Steven L. Kester
  • Nandor  B. Krause
  • Limor Lehavi
  • Peter  W. McGaw
  • Daniel J. McKenzie
  • Mariyetta Meyers-Lopez
  • Namvar A. Mokri
  • Richard  E. Norris
  • Kacie Owen
  • Priti D. Phukan, Ph.D.
  • Summer M. Smith
  • Jonathan W. Thames
  • Jon P. Tonsing
  • Eric R. Tuy
  • Richard W. Vanis, Jr.
  • Richard A. Vu
  • Kenneth C. Ward
  • Gary A. Watt
  • Jihee Yoo

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