Sabrina L. Axt

Senior Associate

“With success comes the increased likelihood of risk. My job is to mitigate any threats so my clients can get back to focusing on their bottom line.”

Eugene C. Blackard Jr.

Managing Partner

“I use novel, and when necessary, aggressive approaches to effectively deliver results clients seek - a pre-trial, early case dismissal or favorable settlement, or when appropriate, preparing the case for trial.”

W. Eric Blumhardt


“By cutting straight to the heart of each matter strategically, efficiently and economically I add value to clients’ most challenging cases.”

A. Barclay "Clay" Byrnes


“Taking an aggressive approach from day one is critical in construction defect litigation. I find evaluating all practical options leads to a cost-effective and favorable resolution.”

Rand Chritton


“I rely upon a strategic framework to inspire fresh perspectives and solutions for the new challenges my clients encounter.”

Sharon Collier


“I maintain a steady focus on emerging, game-changing events to infuse a practical context to complex litigation, whether at trial or in settlement negotiations.”

Amanda M. Coriddi


“I dedicate myself to my clients and recognizing their objectives. It is my job to thoroughly understand their concerns and identify the most effective strategies to solve their problems.”

James J. Ficenec


"Whether your company is a small startup or a Fortune 500, it is my job to resolve legal issues and protect your hard-earned success at any stage in the game."

Richard L. Gillespie


"By always keeping my clients' best interests in mind, I am able to present numerous solutions to give them the representation, comfort, and peace of mind they deserve."

Chad D. Greeson

Senior Associate

“Advances in digital resources open a world of possibilities and new ways we can help our clients achieve their goals.”

Robert F. Hinton


“Litigation is a collaboration of client and attorney, each working with an appreciation and understanding of the other’s role. Together, we minimize risk, pursue the most effective solution and, hopefully, achieve or exceed the client’s goals”

Craig S. Jones

Special Counsel

“Understanding the causes of a dispute and the market influences surrounding my client’s business is how I manage the uncertainties concerning business owners and entrepreneurs.”

Todd A. Jones


“My clients have businesses to run and litigation is typically a last resort for them. My job is to minimize the disruptions created by disputes and lawsuits, and to help them get on with running their business.”

Andrew J. King

Senior Associate

“Focused on interpreting and litigating insurance coverage issues, I strive to mitigate, if not avoid, the risks inherent in coverage disputes.”

Nandor B. Krause


"The key to successful representation is to listen carefully to the client's needs and desires, and to draw on my experience as a litigator and trial attorney to help clients meet their specific goals."

Limor Lehavi


“Whether providing coverage advice, analyzing claims, or litigating coverage issues, I want my clients to feel certain I have left nothing to chance when it comes to protecting their interests.”

Teresa Li


“Each client is unique. I bring my problem solving skills and understanding of legal nuances to bear in a way most beneficial to my clients.”

Derek H. Lim


“I strive to clearly understand my clients’ objectives, needs, and limitations in order to devise and implement successful litigation strategies that reflect my clients’ goals.”

David M. Marchiano

Senior Associate

“I have seen the power and influence of law my entire life; this provides a constant source of inspiration for me as I strive to meet the goals of my client."

Elizabeth V. McNulty


“Clients rely on me to protect their interests and help them meet their goals. If trial is the best way to resolve a case, then I am prepared to go the distance.”

Brian C. Merges

Special Counsel

“By combining a thorough understanding of critical evidence with knowledge of current law, I can properly evaluate risk and achieve favorable and cost efficient results for my clients.”

Namvar A. Mokri


“It’s satisfying to help clients resolve obstacles and business threats and ultimately allow them to return to what they enjoy most, operating their businesses smoothly and profitably.”

Ioana R. Mondescu

Special Counsel

“Helping my client attain his or her needs and goals is the number one priority in every case I am involved in.”

Richard E. Norris


“Some lawyers concentrate on discouraging their clients from doing anything involving risk. My approach is to solve problems. My clients are smart business leaders who know where they want to go – my job is to get them there.”

Sean D. Senn


“I’m passionate about getting promising technologies off of the lab bench and onto the store shelf where they can help people.”

Edward L. Shaffer

Of Counsel

“During delicate business negotiations or controversial project approvals, I strive for a workable balance where all parties emerge feeling satisfied with the final result.”

Summer M. Smith


“Whether it’s an individual or a company, I am committed to providing my clients a full range of counsel to resolve
litigation they may face and to proactively avoid it.”

Joseph J. Su

Senior Associate

“My experience and working relationships developed with opposing counsel over the years enable me to secure favorable results for my clients.”

Audrey D. Tearnan


“My clients rely on me to protect their interests, and it is my job to go the distance and make sure they receive the best possible outcome.”

Richard W. Vanis, Jr.


“Providing quality legal services is my top priority. I strive to find the most effective means to attain my clients’ goals.”

Kenneth C. Ward


“I can learn a client’s business for the purpose of a trial - it’s tougher for a business attorney to learn the art of conducting a winning trial.”

Gary A. Watt


“As an appellate lawyer, my practice focuses on the very fabric of the law, determining how to successfully apply the finest legal nuances to protect our clients’ interests.”

Probal G. Young


“When solving disputes, I pursue all means possible to reach a favorable outcome because the means and the results are so often interdependent.”

  • Sabrina L. Axt
  • Eugene  C. Blackard Jr.
  • W. Eric Blumhardt
  • A. Barclay "Clay" Byrnes
  • Rand Chritton
  • Sharon  Collier
  • Amanda M. Coriddi
  • James J. Ficenec
  • Richard L. Gillespie
  • Chad D. Greeson
  • Robert F. Hinton
  • Craig  S. Jones
  • Todd  A. Jones
  • Andrew J. King
  • Nandor  B. Krause
  • Limor Lehavi
  • Teresa Li
  • Derek H. Lim
  • David M. Marchiano
  • Elizabeth V. McNulty
  • Brian C. Merges
  • Namvar A. Mokri
  • Ioana R. Mondescu
  • Richard  E. Norris
  • Sean D. Senn
  • Edward L. Shaffer
  • Summer M. Smith
  • Joseph J. Su
  • Audrey D. Tearnan
  • Richard W. Vanis, Jr.
  • Kenneth C. Ward
  • Gary A. Watt
  • Probal G. Young

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