Robert F. Hinton


“Litigation is a collaboration of client and attorney, each working with an appreciation and understanding of the other’s role. Together, we minimize risk, pursue the most effective solution and, hopefully, achieve or exceed the client’s goals”

John L. Kortum

Special Counsel

“I’ve practiced my entire career in California’s unique regulatory and environmental law atmosphere and am proud to have litigated cutting edge issues in complex regulatory matters.”

Christopher M. Harnett


"As a trusted California advisor to national corporations, I manage risk in an advisory capacity before litigation as well as in the course of defending complex and catastrophic injury lawsuits."

Nandor B. Krause


"The key to successful representation is to listen carefully to the client's needs and desires, and to draw on my experience as a litigator and trial attorney to help clients meet their specific goals."

Erin M. Gallagher


“I enjoy helping craft effective and workable frameworks to address clients’ challenges.”

Jean Lantz


“When doing defense work, it’s always important to put client needs first. As a litigator, I am always on the look-out for ways to extract my client from costly trials when possible.”

Robert A. Latham III


“Understanding my clients, their pressures, and the business market helps me partner with them to meet their daily and not so ordinary challenges."

Gregory K. Federico


“Litigation requires successful team strategies combined with playing to individual strengths – aggregating these qualities forms the art of dispute resolution.”

Limor Lehavi


“Whether providing coverage advice, analyzing claims, or litigating coverage issues, I want my clients to feel certain I have left nothing to chance when it comes to protecting their interests.”

Colin Coffey


“By understanding the pressures of the healthcare and government environments, I try to minimize the risks my clients face and enhance their business opportunities.”

Mike McGuire


“By anticipating and addressing problems before they arise, I can save my clients both time and money."

Jasun Molinelli

Special Counsel

"Any goal that you set, we will help you attain it. Any problem that you have, we will help you solve it."

Louis R. Chao

Special Counsel

“In construction projects, the paperwork often follows the actual work. Understanding this time lapse and taking advantage of its implications often allows us to limit our client’s liability.”

Lyndsey L. Moore


“I treat my clients’ objectives as my own and make it my priority to exceed their goals in the most cost effective and efficient manner.”

W. Eric Blumhardt


“By cutting straight to the heart of each matter strategically, efficiently and economically I add value to clients’ most challenging cases.”

Richard E. Norris


“Some lawyers concentrate on discouraging their clients from doing anything involving risk. My approach is to solve problems. My clients are smart business leaders who know where they want to go – my job is to get them there.”

Kacie Owen


“A focus on my clients’ feedback and strong attention to detail allow me to deliver outstanding results.”

Eugene C. Blackard, Jr.

Managing Partner

“I use novel, and when necessary, aggressive approaches to effectively deliver results clients seek - a pre-trial, early case dismissal or favorable settlement, or when appropriate, preparing the case for trial.”

Michael B. Peterson


“Keeping the deal on track also means considering all the angles to ensure my client’s short and long-term interests are fully protected and the terms make smart business sense.”

Matthew D. Barnette


“Viewing challenges as opportunities to strengthen our clients’ position is an important part of my approach to case management.”

James A. Porter, IV


“I try to view a case through multiple perspectives – the legal, practical and client’s views – to best devise strategies to resolve a matter.”

Kimberly W. Scala


“My business background informs my passion for pursuing creative possibilities rather than focusing on problems. Helping my clients achieve their goals—not limiting them—is how I define excellence in business law.”

Judith B. Anderson

Of Counsel

“I apply my practical experience in patient care and medicine to strengthen and innovate management of my clients’ challenges.”

Richard W. Vanis, Jr.


“Providing quality legal services is my top priority. I strive to find the most effective means to attain my clients’ goals.”

Rassa L. Ahmadi


“My approach to providing valuable legal representation
focuses on a comprehensive understanding of my client’s goals and achieving them efficiently.”

Kirstin L. Wallace


“I enjoy contributing where impassioned trial advocacy and persuasive scientific analysis meet in order to support our client’s claims.”

Kenneth C. Ward


“I can learn a client’s business for the purpose of a trial - it’s tougher for a business attorney to learn the art of conducting a winning trial.”

Joseph A. Aguilar


“Clients desire the most effective and efficient solution to any dispute. With this principle in mind, I evaluate each case utilizing creative and strategic advocacy.”

Sean D. White


“Managing risk and offering cost-conscious options can be compatible and are most definitely desirable outcomes in many of my clients’ matters.”

  • Robert F. Hinton
  • John  L. Kortum
  • Christopher  M. Harnett
  • Nandor  B. Krause
  •   Erin M. Gallagher
  • Jean Lantz
  • Robert A. Latham III
  • Gregory K. Federico
  • Limor Lehavi
  • Colin  Coffey
  • Mike McGuire
  • Jasun Molinelli
  • Louis  R. Chao
  • Lyndsey L. Moore
  • W. Eric Blumhardt
  • Richard  E. Norris
  • Kacie Owen
  • Eugene  C. Blackard, Jr.
  • Michael  B. Peterson
  • Matthew D. Barnette
  • James  A. Porter, IV
  • Kimberly W. Scala
  • Judith  B. Anderson
  • Richard W. Vanis, Jr.
  • Rassa L. Ahmadi
  • Kirstin L. Wallace
  • Kenneth C. Ward
  • Joseph A. Aguilar
  • Sean D. White

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